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snarlingvixen's Journal

I am an earthling...i love everything on mother earth EXCEPT
religion, cars, and sports. The world IS a serious place so i tend
to stay upbeat, positive, and euphoric all the time.
Im keenly interested in the abnormal, experimental and underground.
Im a simple organism with an obligated interest in indigenous cultures,
social and behaviour science is the key to the door of my existence,
to observe is to learn and to learn is to observe, to prevent
an airplane from leaving without me-i usually call in a bomb threat [really],
i love kool-aid, i store ammunition underneath my house for a gun waiting to
be cleaned in oil, i prefer vinyl over discs, for book marks i prefer discs, i dont take myself seriously,
reading ultra left wing material turns me on, ultra right wing conservatism turns me off,
i respond to death threats with laughter, knowledge before belief, soylent green?,
i love colorful people who happen to commit the unexpected,
i hate materialistic people diagnosed with pleonexia and exhale gibberish,
finally, i pay my taxes to support a war against an enemy i dont know,
my favorite word is "FUCK!" and i am a reporter of everyday phenomenon, RAIN OR SHINE!


"If literature isn't everything, it's not worth a single hour of someone's trouble."

"Justice is a human issue, and I do not need a god to teach it to me."-sartre
a silver mt.zion, activism, androids, animals, anti, awol one, batman, behold a pale horse, being and nothingness, berlin, bigdumbface, blondie, blood, bret easton ellis, brokensocialscene, california, charles bukowski, che, chinese food, classical, concept art, contacts, counter culture, cyberpunk, deadsy, deftones, deltron 3030, depeche mode, devo, dialectics, domakesaythink, duran duran, edward gorey, explosions in the sky, ezln, fortune cookies, frida kahlo, future, get fuzzy comics, giant drag, glamorama, goatslayer, godspeed you black emperor, graeme revell, guitar, gustav klimt, halloween, highlander, horoscopes, information society, inxs, ironman, janes addiction, jazz, jean paul sartre, joy division, knives, l.p.'s, less than zero, life, living dead, make-up, malcolm x, man bites dog, mazzy star, mexico, mike figgis, missing persons, mogwai, necro, neon red, nerds, neuromancer, new order, nin, noam chomsky, old school hip-hop, open minds, orgy, outer space, paintings, paranoia, patti smith, peter kropotkin, philip k. dick, philosophy, photography, piercings, pink floyd, poetry, porn, portishead, present, psychedelic furs, psychology, pulp fiction, punk, rage against the machine, raggae, rave, ray guns, renholder, robert smith, root beer floats, sex, sigur ros, simon sebag montefiore, simulacra, slimer, socialism, stalin, stars, sublime, superman, swords, tapes, tattoos, teaches of peaches, team sleep, tease, the 80's, the crow, the cure, the doors, the human league, the perfect drug, the pretenders, the smashing pumpkins, the toxic avenger, tim burton, tool, travel, turntables, twister, unholy, unsolved, up in smoke, vampyres, vice squad, virtual light, virtual reality, vladimir lenin, vodka, water, weapons, ween, weezer, whips, witchcraft